A downloadable asset pack

My submition for the search for a star competition.


I crated the model based on my own concept whole project completed in 3 weeks. 

Aim was to ceate a stalthy yet strong looking character that would fit in a medival fantasy world. it was pointed out to me that my characters face features resemble the white walkers from Game of thrones. Totaly not my itention. 

character backstory:

In this world the evil forces have been long defatted. Society progressed free form the threat. It reached a utopian state. Unfortunately not everyone could fit in with the way of progress, and either out of their own choice or by force of law left the safety and comfort of society to live in anarchy. Those people are called the damned.  


The damned have to live in the shadows as they are treated as leprous. When the damned live in the dark for long they start to embrace it, to survive. The further they stray from the light, the more their physical appearance transforms to resemble their inner nature, granting them unnatural powers. Mutations appear different for individuals.  


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